Still Lives


Objects have always had a mysterious quality to me.  They have histories; pasts that have somehow brought them inside my house.  I have sometimes focused on those objects that hold things. The quality of containing that I have found in interiors led me to focus on those things in my house that are themselves containers: boxes, bags, clothes, beds, chairs, cups. In many of these paintings you don’t see what is inside.  Boxes are either closed, or obscured.  When I showed these paintings to my daughter’s class, they wanted to know what was inside each box.  This was a game I played with my mother, often instead of a bedtime story.  She would show me with her hands the shape and size of some imaginary box, and I would guess what was inside. Sometimes her gestures would indicate a tall skinny box, smoetimes small and round. It is only after I grew up that she told me she never had an idea of what could be inside until I had guessed. She would say “yes” when she liked my idea.  Paint lies on the top of a box formed by wooden stretchers and canvas